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MGM Limo Service Video Read more »

MGM Limo Service Video

We made a video for the LCT expo in January 2012. In our icon for both Limo Signage and Limo Inspection you find a steering wheel from a Rolls Royce. So when planning the small film clip we soon knew we had to have a…

The next step in Limo Signage evolution Read more »

The next step in Limo Signage evolution

We are always looking to improve our applications and enhance usability. We have in our applications like Limo Signage used GPS location mapping but we have been looking to make this a whole hew experience. There is a huge amount of data we can give…

iOS 7 is already here for us Read more »

iOS 7 is already here for us

You might have heard or read about that Apple already are talking and showing of its new iOS named 7. For regular users this want be available before this fall. We already have had the system installed and got all the resources as a Apple…

iPad 3 with Verizon 4G LTE + Read more »

iPad 3 with Verizon 4G LTE +

Then its here, The Ipad3. We are super exited with all the new features and the new technology.  Now we can really give you the high resolution, high power and finally the option to talk to our solutions.  But lets break down the last Apple…

Chinese New Year Read more »

Chinese New Year

The day has come. Chinese New Years is here, our best greetings from everyone in Padlet Solutions! This year’s Lunar New Year begins on January 23, which is the first day of the first new moon of the year. It ends 15 days later on…

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