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Chinese New Year Read more »

Chinese New Year

The day has come. Chinese New Years is here, our best greetings from everyone in Padlet Solutions! This year’s Lunar New Year begins on January 23, which is the first day of the first new moon of the year. It ends 15 days later on…

Talk to your ipad Read more »

Talk to your ipad

Together with the launch of the new Iphone 4S they also announced Siri. Siri is a highly advanced voice recognition system built into the iOS5. You might have tried to hold the home button on your iphone for a few seconds. It gives you the…

Apple + PadletSolutions Wallpaper Read more »

Apple + PadletSolutions Wallpaper

Sometimes we create graphics that we use for presentation, for the website or other events and media. They are usually just used for a special purpose and then filed on one of our servers. But we received emails asking if we might share some of…

iPad tablet rental  & managment programs Read more »

iPad tablet rental & managment programs

We offer an iPad rental program where we handle everything from the iPad tablet to managing updates and software installed. We also provide support and are your link between you and Apple. This ensure fast and reliable support. We are official Apple partners and have…

App statistics Read more »

App statistics

Statistics¬† is something we use time on to find how the user is interacting and more. Usually this kind of information is in plain text and frankly kind of boring to read.¬† As we believe strongly in good design and the graphic language we thought…

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