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The next step in Limo Signage evolution Read more »

The next step in Limo Signage evolution

We are always looking to improve our applications and enhance usability. We have in our applications like Limo Signage used GPS location mapping but we have been looking to make this a whole hew experience. There is a huge amount of data we can give…

iOS 7 is already here for us Read more »

iOS 7 is already here for us

You might have heard or read about that Apple already are talking and showing of its new iOS named 7. For regular users this want be available before this fall. We already have had the system installed and got all the resources as a Apple…

Application development for clients Read more »

Application development for clients

Padlet Solutions does not all alone produce apps for our products and services. We also create, design and develop mobile applications for other clients. We offer a wide range of services from concept development, design through development, launch and marketing. As solutions becomes complex and…

Talk to your ipad Read more »

Talk to your ipad

Together with the launch of the new Iphone 4S they also announced Siri. Siri is a highly advanced voice recognition system built into the iOS5. You might have tried to hold the home button on your iphone for a few seconds. It gives you the…

Official Apple partner Read more »

Official Apple partner

Padlet Solutions are Official Apple partner and can give you the best service and advise. We have the knowledge and experience that has been certified by Apple. So whether you are a large corporation or a smaller business, we have the capabilities and resources to…

IOS 5.0 is here Read more »

IOS 5.0 is here

With iOS 5, Apple added over 200 new features — taking the mobile operating system that was already years ahead of anything else and moving it even further ahead. All your alerts. All in one place. You get all kinds of notifications on your iOS…

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