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iOS 7 is already here for us Read more »

iOS 7 is already here for us

You might have heard or read about that Apple already are talking and showing of its new iOS named 7. For regular users this want be available before this fall. We already have had the system installed and got all the resources as a Apple…

We design your website and more Read more »

We design your website and more

We have some of the worlds leading digital designers and developers on our team. We have made website and digital branding for several top fortune companies. Our designers are award winning and have worked with leading advertizing and design studios around the world. We have…

Application development for clients Read more »

Application development for clients

Padlet Solutions does not all alone produce apps for our products and services. We also create, design and develop mobile applications for other clients. We offer a wide range of services from concept development, design through development, launch and marketing. As solutions becomes complex and…

Apple + PadletSolutions Wallpaper Read more »

Apple + PadletSolutions Wallpaper

Sometimes we create graphics that we use for presentation, for the website or other events and media. They are usually just used for a special purpose and then filed on one of our servers. But we received emails asking if we might share some of…

Download a red rock wallpaper Read more »

Download a red rock wallpaper

We want to share a wallpaper we have created and that is used by red rock casino, resort & spa.  We love the characteristic chip so we recreated it in 3D. Then we rendered a bunch of them in different colors. We found this fantastic…

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