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iPad 3 with Verizon 4G LTE + Read more »

iPad 3 with Verizon 4G LTE +

Then its here, The Ipad3. We are super exited with all the new features and the new technology.  Now we can really give you the high resolution, high power and finally the option to talk to our solutions.  But lets break down the last Apple…

Talk to your ipad Read more »

Talk to your ipad

Together with the launch of the new Iphone 4S they also announced Siri. Siri is a highly advanced voice recognition system built into the iOS5. You might have tried to hold the home button on your iphone for a few seconds. It gives you the…

Happy new year Read more »

Happy new year

Then 2011 only have hours left. Our European office is the first one to enter the new year at 24:00 CET before the Las Vegas main office comes in to the new year pacific time. It has been a fantastic year for us and we…

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