Our trusted partners


Most of our customers choose Apple’s iPads as the preferred choice of hardware. With Apple we are able to deliver the best combo of products, service and training. We can proudly say we are an official Apple developer company and a trusted partner.


A trusted financial partner of ours who offers a variety of flexible financial products in order to make the deliveries customized to fit the different financial profiles of our customers.

World wide

As we deliver solutions around the globe we have several partners that deliver the connection you need for your device and solution. We make sure you get the best connection where you are.


AT&T has the fastest 3G network in America and with a variety of solutions including 4G LTE. With their flexible plans and fast customer service a lot of our customers prefer AT&T as their data provider for our products.

Moods Of Norway

“Happy Clothes for Happy people” – and when you wear their clothes you’ll feel exhilaration and Happiness! Moods of Norway are helping us achieve the sizzle and happiness we all love.
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