MGM Limo Service Video

Filming for the LCT Expo.

MGM Limo Service Video

MGM Limo Service Video

We made a video for the LCT expo in January 2012. In our icon for both Limo Signage and Limo Inspection you find a steering wheel from a Rolls Royce. So when planning the small film clip we soon knew we had to have a Rolls Royce Phantom in the movie.

The fantastic people over at MGM Grand helped us out and let us use a amazing black Rolls Royce Phantom. We placed our cameras outside. We had to be really careful as the Rolls Royce paint job is like no other. It takes several days to get the perfect shine. Even just small fix on the paint job can be a 35 hour job. We used gentle suction cups to hold the cameras and used light cameras but powerful enough to get that perfect result.

We had a tight deadline as we were filming the day before the LCT Expo and had only that afternoon to get the film ready. Here is the result.
YouTube Preview Image

A BIG thank you to the great MGM team!!

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