Limo and Fleet Inspection

Limousine and Fleet inspection

Limo and Fleet Inspection

Limo and Fleet Inspection

We are soon launching our newest product in our Auto series. Its both a stand alone and a extension of our well known Limousine Signage software. There will be 2 versions. One is Limo Inspection and the other one is Fleet Inspection. Limousine Inspection is targeting as the name say limousine owners. The software enable you to have your drivers or other staff inspect and report if there is damage done to the car or simply sign off that its all ok. We have developed this application as a answer to the cry for help we have got from our customers about the ever growing pile of paper in their offices with reports filled out on paper.

Our first task is to help you take the change from paper to a digital format. On top of that we ad options that where never possible with the paper version and putting it together in one simple to use solution. We take use of the existing mobile device`s and give the option to fast and hassle free report back to your office, plus your own mechanical shop or even a outsourced service provider and your insurance company.

Where documenting damage before was done with the use of a expensive camera in each car or maybe just in a write description we now give you the chance to take both video and photo directly from your device and include it the report. Even an option to record sound from lets say “strange” sounds coming from the engine is now possible to record and include. The last example could enable the mechanics to determine what the damage is without having to actually see the physical car.  This is also a factor with images and video. Now the staff at the shop can know precisely what is damaged and on non critical situations order parts and make sure your limousines are used at their full potential.

Collisions is something every limousine company will experience sooner or later and since your drivers are much more experienced on the roads then others it is likely someone else is the cause of the damage. Now its easy to fill out forms and take photos and video as proof of what happened. There will also be an option to record position of both your and the others parties vehicle using the device GPS. This together withe the use of Google maps including street maps (Also see our blog about the upcoming 3D maps from Apple) paint the whole picture of what happened.

But it does not stop there. The application also has a option to have the driver or any of your staff include mileage and even average fuel consumption. This makes it easy to schedule service and get automatic reminders when its getting close. We all know fuel prices have been and with whats going on in the global oil markets it probably will continue to rise, saving fuel is a place where you could save a lot of money. We know a lot of you focus on saving fuel when driving and teach your drivers to make the most of every drop. Now you have the tool to make sure they use this knowledge. Its easy to get reports where you can see both based on time and on each driver how fuel consumption is averaging. Here you also have a chance to reward the ones that is saving your company money and have them teach the ones who are having problems mastering the technique. Chances are that the ones who are saving fuel is also the ones that take the best care of your cars. Saving fuel is also saving the environment, making your company’s environmental footprint smaller.

Fleet Inspection

Fleet inspection is the tool to inspect and keep track of any type of automotive fleet. This goes for Taxi, Police, Truck companies, delivery services, army, medical, rescue and every other you can think of we have the tools. The inspection software is available on all the leading mobile device operation systems like Apples IOS, Android, Blackberry and more. There is no end to the customization available to make sure the application will meet all your needs. The solution comes with a fully stocked administration system that works online so all you need is a internet connection and a browser to take control. We also offer a full tailoring service so that it will both work with your fleet and your existing software solutions and databases. Here we also can customize file formats and information formatting to support you systems today and in the future.

As with Limo Inspection We can with the use of already included and optional extra hardware where needed we can monitor everything on the car from fuel, mileage, GPS location tracking and recording, Speed and a whole lot more.

Get in touch today to learn more or make sure you stop by here to get the latest news.

We are always moving standards so step into the future today!

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