The next step in Limo Signage evolution

The future of Limo Signage

The next step in Limo Signage evolution

The next step in Limo Signage evolution

We are always looking to improve our applications and enhance usability. We have in our applications like Limo Signage used GPS location mapping but we have been looking to make this a whole hew experience. There is a huge amount of data we can give both the driver, dispatch and even the passengers. Everything from road work, traffic jams to special routes requested by the passengers. Basic GPS mapping have to this date used mostly flat maps with the locational still 3D element to help navigate.

What if everything was im 3D? And we are talking about full 3D with a very high amount of details. If we take the traffic jam situation as an example. Information comes in about a traffic jam close to the airport. Our system has recorded this is a normal route for the drivers to take when going to the airport. The Ipad is mounted to the right of the driver and is easy to see without getting disturbed.  It gives the user an alarm. Using SIRI a voice tell the driver where the traffic jam is and ask if the driver want more information. Just by talking to the ipad information is given both in speech and in graphics. If the driver ask for our app to Zoom in to the jam and include all information they will see a fly through view where the piling of cars from all sides are illustrated and if enough information is available it will display estimated waiting time. This information is also automatically collected by other cars in your fleet that got stuck before any information was given public.   The driver then simply ask for alternative route and all options are showed with estimated travel time.

This is just a demonstration and its not based on C3.
The real solution will be be a whole new reality.

Included in this system will also real time flight data be available and the application uses this data to calculate the best route based on traffic, fuel consumption and road conditions. Even weather is a variable.  How are we going to solve this? Well up to know we have been basing all GPS on external application and on Google maps. But now the news are out and we can tell you about C3 Technologies. But let us tell you the whole story.

Six months before Saab the car company went under the last time, Apple, in complete secrecy, bought a futuristic mapping spinoff from Saab the defense contractor. The secret is now out and maps on mobile devices will never be the same.Back in 2006, Saab was running an advertising campaign called Born From Jets.

Saab Ad Campaign

This was around the time when Saab was selling a re-badged Chevrolet Trail Blazer and when its only jet-like product was the fabulously cool but totally not-for-sale Aero X. But jets and Saab were only divorced in the automotive division of the company, which General Motors had bought from Saab AB in 1990. While GM kept releasing rebadged trucks and facelifts of the ancient 9-5 sedan, Saab was busy cranking out a cornucopia of military gear like Gripen fighter jets, ramjet-powered Meteor air-to-air missiles, Carl Gustav recoilless rifles—and some very interesting mapping software.

The company was acquired in July 2011 by an unnamed “Western company”, which turned out to be Apple, who have relied on Google Maps to power mapping software in iOS devices since the iPhone’s debut in 2007. Back then, the two companies operated in very different realms, but after Google released the Android operating system for mobile devices, they became direct competitors. If all goes according to rumor, all this sci-fi mapping will become part of the next version of a Google Maps-less iOS.

See a demo here on the ipad

Dreams of interesting new Saabs may be gone. But perhaps we’ll be taking road trips in the near future with the aid of Saab missile targeting software. Driving Saab 900 Turbos, if one can dream. Or ramjet-powered Saab Aero X’s, if one can dream a little more.

See how they made a 3D map of Las Vegas and the Strip. At first it might look like a ordinary photo but its really a 3D render in the same way Google uses on its Earth application. But here there are no extra models added later. Its all 3D with the exact textures.

See a compare between Google Earth and C3

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