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iOS 7 is already here for us

iOS 7 is already here for us

You might have heard or read about that Apple already are talking and showing of its new iOS named 7. For regular users this want be available before this fall. We already have had the system installed and got all the resources as a Apple Partner.

This enable us to make sure all our application is not only working but we are updating the look and feel to match what we think is an amazing new interface design from Apple. Its so much cleaner and got so many new and upgraded features we love it. This will make our applications better as Apple has opened many new options we will integrate into our solutions.
We are also taking our new products that is in Beta now and let them go live in our B2B and on App Store. Limo Inspection is already on the appStore and you can get it here.

See a video that show some of the new features you will have on your iPhone.

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