iPad tablet rental  & managment programs

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iPad tablet rental & managment programs

iPad tablet rental  & managment programs

We offer an iPad rental program where we handle everything from the iPad tablet to managing updates and software installed. We also provide support and are your link between you and Apple. This ensure fast and reliable support. We are official Apple partners and have direct contact with Apple on all levels.

Together with the rental program we offer a web based software application with all info and resources you need to run a smooth network. Here you can log-in and access features like GPS tracking of all your iPads. For some the option to take part in our PS BackUP is essential for their customer service. You never have to be afraid of having too little devices at hand. When one needs service we bring one that stay with you until we get the other one back. Our rental program also enable you to scale the number of iPads based on demand with our PS iExpand plan.

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