Our new shiny site.

We have opend the new site

Our new shiny site.

Our new shiny site.

Time passes fast when you are bizy working on creating new application and solutions and constantly trying to improve the ones we have. Its a never ending evolution and a process we enjoy a lot. So much has happened over the last years and since we launched our last website we thought it was time for a new one. In our new site we have focused on presenting our solutions and give you up to date information as we continue to make the future and the world a better place to live.

You might think the last statement was a bit mighty but actually we are concerned with how we can do our part. We take the concern regarding the rainforest and how its being cut down and for every day that goes by we loose more of all the benefits it gives this world. Read more about how we look at this here. We hope you will visit our site often. Sign up for our mailing list to the right and we keep you updated.

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